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Avant la sortie de la version finale qui ne saurait tarder, Lavasoft vient donc de mettre en ligne une version bêta 2007 de son logiciel de recherche de saletés incrustés sur votre système.
Maj: Mise en avant de cette news avec la disponibilité de la version 2007 finale. Le lien en fin de news!

Par contre si vous souhaitez le tester, il vous faudra auparavant vous inscrire via le lien :
 http://www.lavasoft.com/support/secur ... ter/beta_applications.php

Pour les changements de cette version, en anglais :

Other features of the new-and-improved Ad-Aware include:

Advanced Code Sequence Identity technology. Our improved CSI technology detects even more malware that is deeply embedded in your system and keeps you protected from the latest threat variants.

Enhanced Detection Database. Incremental updates ensure a quick download from our comprehensive threat database, again freeing up your most valuable computer resources.

New graphical user interface (GUI). The fresh, new look of our straightforward GUI means easy navigation through all of Ad-Aware 2007's advanced protection options.

Automatic scans and Web updates. Set a personalized schedule for automatic scans and Definition File updates, letting Ad-Aware do the work for you according to your schedule and preferences. You'll never miss an update from the Detection Database again.

Ad-Watch TrackSweep. The new TrackSweep feature clears browser cache, cookies, and history that are left behind while you surf the Internet on IE, Firefox and Opera, all in one easy click of a button.

Ad-Watch Connect. The real-time monitoring of Ad-Watch is expanded to include an additional shield against hijackers and identify theft by preventing private information from leaving your computer.

Hosts File Editor. This new tool gives you the power to add, delete or make changes to the Hosts File to block advertisement sites, reverse browser hijack entries, create navigational shortcuts, and assist with parental controls.

Multiple Browser Support. Ad-Aware 2007 supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera - so now you can use the web browser of your choice.

System Restore Point. Ad-Aware 2007's conveniently located system restore point means you never have to worry about accidentally deleting a file during cleanup.

Le lien pour y récupérer la version finale:
Ad-Aware 2007 Free

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